Smoky’s Commercials

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Ok, now to upload a new episode of TerrorVision-LAST UPDATED FEBRUARY OF 2012?! Hooo boy…

Up from the depths of time and space comes a previously unreleased episode of TerrorVision! Originally recorded in 2011, this episode sat in a half-edited state for five years before now finally being released still in its half-edited state! Please enjoy/forgive any quality issues.

Local commercials! Who doesn’t love ‘em?! Terrible, terrible people, that’s who. But we (and hopefully YOU) are all good people, so this episode is dedicated to a particularly memorable string of local commercials straight outta’ Fargo, North Dakota. These ads center around the now defunct “Smoky’s” restaurant, but more importantly heavily feature the owner “Smoky” himself, in a series of bits ranging from uproariously funny to very uncomfortable. Enjoy as these (mostly) Fargoans wax nostalgic about a piece of local TV history. This podcast guest stars Greg Carlson, and has been rated the best for YEARS running in the F/M area!

All Smoky’s found here

NEXT WEEK: 90s Gamera Trilogy



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