Mystics in Bali

Released: 1981
Director: H. Tjut Djalil

You may think you know about scary black magic but until you’ve had a floating severed head (with a bit of entrails) hanging from beneath it interrupt a birth by eating the baby being delivered, well, you clearly haven’t experienced Leyak black magic. Seen only in Thailand, and frequently in intermittently fascinating and then boring for long stretches movies, Leyak’s require blood sacrifices and disgusting tongueings in return for…more bad things happening to you. Logically, our main heroine would only delve deeper and deeper into a world filled with floaty thingies and unceasing evil cackles.

Mystics in Bali is an exploitation film set in Thailand, starring a German woman randomly selected to be in the movie while on vacation there. At 80 minutes, the film still pushes the boundaries of patience (and hence a shorter podcast) with its many and unwelcome plot exposition scenes and droll, unsexy romance. That said, severed heads eating babies people. And more shirt changes than you can shake a stick at.


Available on…
Netflix: Disc only.
Hulu: No
YouTube: In six parts–> Link to Part 1

Next Week: Cherry 2000!



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