From Beyond

from beyond

Released: 1986
Director: Stuart Gordon

Director Stuart Gordon, of Re-animator fame, re-teams with Jeffrey Combs (previously Dr. Herbert West) in his other H.P. Lovecraft adaptation (except his other, other H.P. Lovecraft adaptation Dagon…). This time around Combs is the assistant to an S & M-lovin’, kooky, white-lab-coat-wearer whose experiments have the mild side effect of allowing demon creatures from another dimension to “bite off his head like a Gingerbread Man.” From there things get weird. Ken Foree from Dawn of the Dead (the actual one) and Barbara Crampton join in the proceedings as Combs tries to, well, basically do what his boss just did with relatively similar results. In conclusion: make sure you get the unrated edition so you can watch the full scene where Comb’s third eye in the middle of his forehead starts to eat people.


Available on…
Netflix: Disc only
Hulu: Yes

Next week: Red Lobster!



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