House (Hausu)

Released: 1977
Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi

Nobuhiko Obayashi has a unique filmography to say the least. Perhaps the most eccentric and well-known of his films is House or Hausu. You see, Gorgeous is sick of her annoying step-mom/dad’s girlfriend so she decides to take a painted-matte background-filled trip to her aunt’s haunted country house with her good friends Fanta, Kungfu, Prof, Sweet, Mac and Melody. Little do they know that auntie is evil, the house is filled with evil cats and pianos that eat people. Oh and there’s a subplot about a man being killed by bananas. Well, not really a subplot, more a scene.

For years we’ve claimed this movie to be actually good and not so-bad-its-good. Well, now there is a Criterion Collection release of it. And that means we’re right.


Available On…
Netflix: DVD and Blu-Ray
Hulu: on Hulu plus

Next week: Robot Jox!



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